Broad Schedule

There will be three University Examinations, one at the end of each Academic Year, viz. Part I at the end of the First Year, Part II at the end of the Second Year and Part III at the end of the Third Year for all Undergraduate Courses.

 Span Period

No candidate will be admitted to the Examination after the expiry of the span period which is six years in case of B.A. / B.Com (Pass) and five years for B.A. (Hons.) / B.Com (Hons.) Courses


Sr. No Course Details Examination Centre Approximate time of Commencement
1 All Honours Courses Delhi First Week of April
2 BA (Pass) Part III
B. Com (Pass) Part II & III
Delhi First Week of May
3 B A (Pass) Part I & II
B. Com (Pass) Part I
Delhi Second Week of May
 Medium of Examination

University Question Papers in History, Political Science, Economics, Education, Nutrition and Health Education, Commerce and Sanskrit may be answered in English or Hindi. The medium will be the same in all the subjects.

 Change of Examination Centre

The Practce of holding the examinations of students of SOL outside Delhi, including abroad may be discontinued w.e.f the Annual Examinations, 2008. However, the students of the SOL who have already been given the option of appearing in their examinations outside Delhi/abroad may be allowed to do so till their respective sapan period prescribed for different coures expires.

 Examination Form

The Demand Letter cum Examination Forms to all eligible candidates of Part II & III of all UG Courses are sent by post. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that the Examination Forms are received by them and are submitted in office of SOL with in requisites well in time.

In case of non-receipt of Examination Forms, the office of the School should be contacted immediately. The local candidates may contact personally and the outsiders telegraphically quoting their School Roll Numbers and scheme of examination, etc.

The Examination Forms for Part II and III by those who have been promoted should be duly filled-in and completed along with the necessary fee through Cash/Draft. The same are required to be submitted usually in the month of Annual Examination each year.

There will be no supplementary examination for the candidates who failed or fail to appear in the B.A. (Pass) / B.A. (Hons.) / B.Com. (Pass) / B.Com. (Hons.) Part I and Part II examinations.

Students who fail or fail to appear at the examination for which they are due will be allowed to take the next ensuing examination provided they get themselves registered by 15th October of the year on the prescribed Registration Form which will be supplied on request by the School.

 Provision for Late Submission of Examination Form with Penalty

The University has prescribed the following rule for late submission of application for admission to examination

If student fails to submit this Demand letter/Examination Form by the last date mentioned above, the last fee shall be charged follows: Rs. 25/- per day upto 61 days subject to minimum of Rs. 250/-. After 61 days Rs. 50/- per day.(No Demand Letter/Examination Form will be accepted after 90 days the last date), the last fee to the total amount shown above shall be added in the Demand draft.(If the last date is a holiday, the next working day will be treated as last day).No Exam form shall be accepted for any reason what so ever, 15 days before the commencement of the said examination

However, in order to enable the School to process the cases, all such applications should reach the School

  • 20 days before the commencement of the examination
 Admission Ticket and Date Sheet

The Admission Ticket containing Examination Roll Number, Examination Centre and the Date Sheet for the examination will be sent by post on receipt from the University about a week before the commencement of the said examination.

In the event of any subsequent change in address a specific request should be addressed to Assistant Registrar (Examination), School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi - 110007, super scribing the words CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR ------------ EXAMINATION, and enclosing a self addressed envelope.

Students are advised to ensure the receipt of the Admission Ticket/Date Sheet etc., before the commencement of the said examination, failing which consequences shall be the responsibility of the student concerned.

 Duplicate Admission Ticket

In the event of non-receipt of the Admission Ticket (Examination Roll Number) and Date Sheet referred to above, the duplicate Admission Ticket will be issued two days before the commencement of the said examination, for which the students are required to approach the office of the School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi-110007, and South Study Centre, South Moti Bagh , New Delhi along with an attested copy of passport size photograph, the Identity Card and latest fee receipt issued by the School.

 Revaluation/Rechecking of Scripts

As per the directive of the University the applications for Revaluation or Rechecking will be accepted by the University within three weeks from the date of declaration of results. the tabulated results shall be made available in the office of the School to avoid delay for want of statement of marks. The requirement of statement of marks for Revaluation or Rechecking is no longer necessary.