Personal Contact Programme Classes for the Session 2013

Session 2013 Time Table
Courses File Format Uploading/Updation
 B.A. Programme Part-III (Girls) PDF 26-Feb-2014
 Revised B.Com. Part-II and III(SSCBS and Rajdhani) PDF 21-Feb-2014
 B.Com. Part-II and III PDF 29-Jan-2014
 M.A. Sanskrit Semester-II and IV PDF 13-Jan-2014
 B.A. Programme and B.Com. Part-II and III (At a Glance) PDF 03-Jan-2014
 B.A. Programme NHE PDF 03-Jan-2014
 B.Com. Part-III Girls PDF 02-Jan-2014
 B.A. Programme Part-I Boys (English Medium Only) PDF 02-Jan-2014
 M.Com Semester II and IV PDF 01-Jan-2014
 B.Com.(H) PCP Schedule Part-I, II and III PDF 24-Dec-2013
 B.A.(H) English PCP Schedule PDF 13-Dec-2013
 B.A.(H) Political Science PCP Time Table Part-I,II and III PDF 15-Nov-2013
 B.A.(H) Political Science PDF 05-Nov-2013
 PCP B.Com.(H) Part-2 PDF 17-Oct-2013
 PCP Schedule at a Glance PDF 27-Sep-2013
 B.A.Programme / B.Com. Part-I PDF 27-Sep-2013
 B.A.English(H) Part-I PDF 25-Sep-2013
 B.Com.(H) PDF 24-Sep-2013
 M.Com. PDF 13-Sep-2013
 M.A. Political Science PDF 13-Sep-2013
 B.Com.(H) PDF 12-Sep-2013
 B.Com.(H) PDF 06-Sep-2013
 M.Com. PDF 07-Aug-2013