Bakery and Confectionery

About the Course:

The Bakery and Confectionery degree provide extensive training in the art and science of baking and confectionery. Students learn key methods for pastry making, bread baking, cake decorating, and chocolate work. The program covers ingredient selection, recipe creation, baking techniques, and food safety guidelines. Students learn how to make a variety of baked goods and confections through hands-on practice sessions and theoretical studies. Graduates have the skills and experience to work as pastry chefs, bakers, cake decorators, or open their own bakery enterprises. With the increased need for high-quality baked goods, this course offers exciting job options in the culinary industry.

Duration: 3 Months

Fee:  Rs. 15000

Eligibility: 10th pass from any stream and professionals from any fields may also apply.

Job Prospects/Future Opportunities: 

Job opportunities in bakery and confectionery are numerous and promising, catering to those with a passion for pastry arts and culinary inventiveness. Here are a few possible job paths:

Pastry chefs provide a wide range of baked products and sweets for bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and catering organizations. They oversee pastry manufacturing, create recipes, and ensure that baked goods are of high quality and consistent.

Bakers produce bread and pastries and work in bakeries, cafes, supermarkets, and specialty food stores. They prepare dough, bake bread, pastries, and cakes, and may be in charge of inventory management and customer service.

Cake Decorator: Cake decorators create and decorate cakes for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and holidays. They operate in bakeries, pastry shops, and specialized cake studios, utilizing icing, fondant, and other decorative techniques to make visually appealing cakes.

Chocolatiers create truffles, bonbons, and other chocolate delicacies. They might work in chocolate stores, artisanal chocolate factories, or open their own chocolate business.

Entrepreneurship: Individuals with the necessary abilities and expertise can establish their own bakery, pastry shop, or confectionery business. Opening a boutique bakery, running a food truck or pop-up store, or selling baked goods online are all viable business ventures.

Food stylists work in the advertising, photography, and film industries, designing and arranging food for commercials, cookbooks, publications, and TV shows. Knowledge of bread and confectionery processes is useful in this sector.

Overall, there are several work options in bakery and confectionery, including opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and career progression in the culinary field. With the increasing need for high-quality baked goods and confections, qualified individuals in this industry are in high demand around the world.

Schedule Of Classes : Offline mode

No. of Seats: On first come first serve basis, minumum batch size wil be 15 students per batch. (If the number of students exceeds, second batch will be created)


  • Assessments will be done on the basis of demo sessions in the lab and based on performance after the completion of the course.
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Important Information:

• Registrations open from 15th February
• ‚Ā†Registrations in these courses are open for all, including University of Delhi students.
• Admissions on first cum first serve basis (as per the number of seats in each course).
• For Courses having fees above Rs. 1000/- on completion of the Batch Size of 40-50 students 10% supernumerary seats shall be given to the Economically Weaker Section on subsidized rates (available after screening of the candidates).

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