Courses offered by Department of Psychology DDCE, SOL, COL, DU

About the Department:

The Department of Psychology, DDCE, COL, University of Delhi offers students a holistic education in the field of psychology, with an emphasis on creating a strong theoretical basis, critical thinking, research skills, and practical experience. Learners are given the opportunity to advance at their own pace and take a multidisciplinary approach to their education thanks to the flexibility offered by the programme. As a result, it is a programme that is centred on the student and has built-in provisions for adaptability, mobility, and employability.

Counselling and its Application

About the Course: The course on counselling and its applications delves into the theoretical foundations and practical skills necessary for achieving success in counselling practice across many settings. Students explore several counselling ideologies, such as humanistic-existential therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. Emphasis is placed on the cultivation of therapeutic rapport, active listening, empathy, and cultural competence. The areas covered include the counsellor’s role in promoting client well-being, methods of evaluation, approaches for intervention, and ethical considerations. Students acquire the skills to apply counselling theories and practices to effectively address a range of client challenges and facilitate constructive transformation. This is achieved via the use of case studies, role-playing exercises, and supervised practice.

Mode of Conduction: The classes will be conducted in hybrid mode. Offline classes on weekdays and contact hours on weekends for practice sessions and queries.

Duration: 6 months

Fees: 5000/-

Eligibility: Any student who is pursuing or has completed their under-graduate degree in the field of Psychology, Social Work, Education, and allied areas.

Job Prospects/ Future Opportunities:A candidate will acquire the skill of counselling a person by understanding what counselling all is about along with various approach to do it. There will be wide scope of opportunities for working as a child and adolescent counsellor at school setup and NGOs, becoming of marriage and family counsellor to help people maintain good personal relationships and help the youth to opt for the right career for their future.

Date Of Commencement: 2nd April, ‘24

Schedule Of Classes:

Online mode twice a week: 6 to 8 p.m. (on weekdays)

Offline mode: 4 hours once in two weeks (on weekends)

No. of Seats: On first come first serve basis, 40 students per batch. (If the number of students exceeds, second batch will be created)


  • Two level of assessment shall be taken.
  • Assessments will be held online.
  • Level 1 – Assessment will be based on the project work and case studies
  • Level 2 - Assessment will be based on videos and practice sessions.

Prof. Payal Mago, Director, Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi

Prof. Ajay Jaiswal, Principal, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi

Academic Coordinator:
Mr. Deekshant Awasthi, Open Learning Development Centre, University of Delhi

Prof. N.K Chadha, Retired, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi

Prof. Promila Batra, Retired, MDU, Rohtak
Prof. Sonia Malik, MDU, Rohtak
Prof. R.K Sokhi, Retired, DRDO
Prof. Soumi Awasthi, DRDO
Prof. Rachna Bhargava, AIIMS
Dr. Harpreet Bhatia, KMV, DU
Dr. Shiksha Deepak, LSR, DU
Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra, LBC, DU
Dr. Swati Jain, IPCW, DU
Dr. Nupur Gosain, Teacher-In Charge, Department of Psychology, SOL, DU
Ms. Vidyut Singh, SOL, DU

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Important Information:

• Registrations open from 15th February
• ⁠Registrations in these courses are open for all, including University of Delhi students.
• Admissions on first cum first serve basis (as per the number of seats in each course).
• For Courses having fees above Rs. 1000/- on completion of the Batch Size of 40-50 students 10% supernumerary seats shall be given to the Economically Weaker Section on subsidized rates (available after screening of the candidates).

Help line number:

  • 9318354363
  • 9318354636



Address for Skill Courses (Centre):

  • OLDC, Second Floor, ARC Building, University of Delhi,
    Opposite S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, Delhi-110007