SOL Migration to SOL

B.A (Honours) B.A Programme B.Com
B.Com (Honours) B.A Programme B.Com
Note: SOL is a School of Open Learning    


Migration of students from SOL to Regular Colleges and vice-versa is allowed provided that the student meets the requirements laid down by the University. Inter-university migration is also allowed subject to the condition that the student meets the laid down stipulations. Major conditions in this regard are outlined hereinafter. For more details for their particular case students may seek guidance from the School.

  1. Migration from a Regular college to the School of Open Learning and vice-versa with change of course is not permissible. However, migration to II year and III year would be allowed in the same course and same subject.
  2. Migration to the School of Open Learning from regular college is not permitted beyond 15 days from the date of issue of No Objection Certificate by the Executive Director, School of Open Learning.
  3. Candidates seeking migration/ transfer from Regular Colleges of Delhi University to School of Open Learning will be allowed to join B.A. (Programme)/B.Com./ B.Com.(Hons.)/B.A. (Hons.) Programme, English/ B.A. (Hons.) Programme, Pol. Science II yr. and III yr. as the case may be only if the Span Period permits, and subject to eligibility.
Migration / Direct Admission to II / III Year
  1. Migration to 2nd and 3rd year of Honours and 3rd year of Programme courses from other Universities is not permissible.
  2. Admissions to 2nd and 3rd year of B.Com. (Hons) will be permitted only for Delhi University students on the basis of individual merit within the pendency of 5 years from the date of his/her admission to the course in the University.
  3. It is the basic responsibility of the student seeking migration or direct admission to submit the required certificates and documents in support of the eligibility, as and when demanded.
  4. Candidates who have passed the Matriculation or the S.S.L.C., S.S.C. or Higher Secondary (11 year schooling) examination only, are not eligible for admission.
  5. Migration from School of Open Learning to Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board and vice-versa is not allowed.
  6. The student who wishes to migrate in the SOL must be a bonafide student of the college at the time of leaving the college.
  7. The Ex. Student of II & III year of the college with same subject and same course within the pendency of the Span Period would come under the category of Direct Admission.

Note: Migration is generally not allowed in any of the Honours courses by the University of Delhi. However, in case of exceptionally meritorious students the same can be considered within the span of five years from the date of admission at the University. Such admissions / transfers are subject to approval of the Academic Council of the University on individual merit of each case.