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E-Textbooks Access for Distance Learners – Forthcoming Project

SOL accommodates lakhs of students by offering many UG/PG courses/ programs. For distance learners, the text books are extremely useful to pursue their studies.  Library procures multiple copies of popular text book titles in hundreds to meet the demand of learners.  The quantity of physically procured cannot match with the increasing demand of the lakhs of students.  To evolve appropriate mechanism of providing information support on web or mobile “24*7” from anywhere, the project “E-Textbooks Access for Distance Learners” has been worked out by SOL. The first stage is to acquire the content of popular titles of text books relevant to courses/ programmes from respective publishers by associating them in the project.

Inspired by ‘Digital India Initiative’, the acquired content shall be digitalized and made web or mobile accessible with secured IPR manageability and authenticated & authorized access management.  To remove the apprehensions of the publishers regarding securing the content against misuse by unauthorized ones and to bring the awareness among them about the project, a “Brainstorming” on Theme: “Partnership with publishers for sharing digitalized content on e-textbooks platform of SOL” was organized.Further action plans are being structured to formulateandplan on the major aspects i.e. Content, IPR manageability, Pricing model, and Technology platform. 

SOL Library

The SOL library is a knowledge resources centre with print and digital resources related to the disciplines of the courses of SOL. It is situated in the hub of SOL campus established as a small library in 1962. This library was shifted to the new building in August 1991.

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