Name Prof. C. S. Dubey
Designation Director (COL)
Department Campus of Open Learning
Telephone No.  
Email Id:  
Sr. No. Qualification Stream University Year
1. PhD Geology University of Delhi 1993-94
2. M.Phil Geology University of Delhi 1982
3. M.Sc. Geology University of Delhi 1978-79
Brief Introduction
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Dubey is currently Director, Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi with 400,000 students in School of Open Learning and Campus of Open Learning along with various international Pan-African and UKERI projects under its ambit. He is also Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Delhi; Chairman, Delhi University Sports Council as well as Professor and Head of the Centre for Advanced Studies in the Department of Geology, University of Delhi. He joined Department of Geology, University of Delhi in 1982 as a Lecturer and since then he has served the department in many ways by continuous teaching, research and research guidance. He has published many papers in esteemed national and international journals such as EPSL, GSAB, Journal of Hydrology, JAES, Current Science, Natural Hazards etc. In the last five years he has more than 25 research papers having more than 200 citations. He is presently Editor-in-Chief of International Journal of Advanced Earth and Environment Sciences and former Editor, International Journal of Geology and Mining Researchand has reviewed various research papers in International Environmental Journals e.g. EMAS, HAZMAT, BECT, ENGE etc. He was a visiting Professor in University of Grenoble, France in 2007 and 2009, where he coordinated in signing of an MOU between University of Grenoble and Department of Geology, University of Delhi for future collaboration work in Himalayan Studies. He has been awarded fellowships under prestigious National Science Foundation (USA)-Department of Science and Technology (INDIA) i.e. NSF-DST Fellowship (2004-2006), B. P. Koirala India-Nepal Fellowship (1995-97). He was awarded Vigyan Sangrakshak award by Delhi University Science Society. He has scientific projects of more than Rs. One Crore on Seismicity of NCR, Himalayan studies (Garhwal and Arunachal Pradesh), (DST), Studies on Arsenic problem (UGC) and Alkali-Aggregate reaction (MOWR).
Roles & Responsibilities
The Director Campus of Open Learning is appointed by the Executive Council on the recommendation of the Vice Chancellor and exercises such powers and performs such duties in respect of the Campus of Open Learning as are assigned by the Vice Chancellor.
Interest Areas
Himalayan Geology, Environmental Geology (RS and GIS), Neotectonic Studies and Earthquake Engineering.
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