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About the Department:

The Department of Psychology, DDCE, COL, University of Delhi offers students a holistic education in the field of psychology, with an emphasis on creating a strong theoretical basis, critical thinking, research skills, and practical experience. Learners are given the opportunity to advance at their own pace and take a multidisciplinary approach to their education thanks to the flexibility offered by the programme. As a result, it is a programme that is centred on the student and has built-in provisions for adaptability, mobility, and employability.

Certificate Course in Applied Psychometrics and Scale Construction

About the Course: The applied psychometrics and scale creation course offers a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques used in developing and utilizing psychological measurement tools. Psychological research and practice utilize a range of scales and evaluations, and students acquire the skills to develop, assess, and analyse them. The covered subjects include item response theory, factor analysis, item analysis, validity, and reliability. Through a combination of academic knowledge and practical experience, learners gain the necessary skills to create, evaluate, and improve measurement tools used to assess psychological concepts in different contexts.

Mode of Conduction: The classes will be conducted in hybrid mode. Offline classes on weekdays and contact hours on weekends for practice sessions and queries.

Duration: 6 months

Fees: 5000/-

Eligibility: A bachelor's degree in psychology, education, human resources, or a related field is preferred. Students and professionals from other fields may also apply if the applicant has relevant work experience. Applicants must have a basic proficiency in statistics or research methods and relevant IT tools and software’s.

Job Prospects/ Future Opportunities: The certificate can enhance opportunities in various sectors, including human resources, education, clinical settings, market research, and organizational development. In HR and consultancy, professionals with applied psychometry skills are often involved in employee selection, talent management, and performance evaluation. They may use psychometric assessments for recruitment, training needs analysis, and team development. Professionals may use psychometric assessments to identify strengths and areas for improvement within a team or organization. In educational settings, professionals may use psychometric assessments to evaluate students' academic abilities, identify learning disabilities or assess career interests. Professionals can also utilize psychometric tools for career counselling, psychological assessments, and intervention planning. Psychometric tools can be applied in market research to understand consumer behaviour, preferences, and decision-making processes. This information can inform training programs and interventions. Furthermore, the course may enhance skills in statistical analysis, test development, and interpretation of psychometric assessments.

Date Of Commencement: 2nd April, ‘24

Schedule Of Classes :

Online mode twice a week: 6 to 8 p.m. (on weekdays)

Offline mode: 4 hours once in two weeks (on weekends)

No. of Seats: On first come first serve basis, 40 students per batch. (If the number of students exceeds, second batch will be created)


  • Two level of assessment shall be taken.
  • Assessments will be held online.
  • Level 1 – Assessment will be based on the project work on item working and item difficulty.
  • Level 2 - Assessment will be based on videos and practice sessions.

Prof. Payal Mago, Director, Campus of Open Learning, University of Delhi

Prof. Ajay Jaiswal, Principal, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi

Academic Coordinator:
Mr. Deekshant Awasthi, Open Learning Development Centre, University of Delhi

Prof. N.K Chadha, Retired, Department of Psychology, University of Delhi

Prof. Promila Batra, Retired, MDU, Rohtak
Prof. Sonia Malik, MDU, Rohtak
Prof. R.K Sokhi, Retired, DRDO
Prof. Soumi Awasthi, DRDO
Prof. Rachna Bhargava, AIIMS
Dr. Harpreet Bhatia, KMV, DU
Dr. Shiksha Deepak, LSR, DU
Dr. Vandana Gambhir Chopra, LBC, DU
Dr. Swati Jain, IPCW, DU
Dr. Nupur Gosain, Teacher-In Charge, Department of Psychology, SOL, DU
Ms. Vidyut Singh, SOL, DU

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Important Information:

• Registrations open from 01st July
• ‚Ā†Registrations in these courses are open for all, including University of Delhi students.
• Admissions on first cum first serve basis (as per the number of seats in each course).
• For Courses having fees above Rs. 1000/- on completion of the Batch Size of 40-50 students 10% supernumerary seats shall be given to the Economically Weaker Section on subsidized rates (available after screening of the candidates).

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  • 9318354363
  • 9318354636



Address for Skill Courses (Centre):

  • OLDC, Second Floor, ARC Building, University of Delhi,
    Opposite S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, Delhi-110007